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TASKI® swingo® 150 E Upright Auto Floor Scrubber Review

TASKI® swingo® 150 E Upright Auto Floor Scrubber Review
The best auto floor scrubber for your business will enable your staff to be the most productive in the space being cleaned. But, there are so many options and finding the best one can be challenging.

To ensure you make the most productive choice for your business, we compiled a list of the top 5 upright and micro floor scrubbers of 2021. One of the machines on that list is the TASKI® swingo® 150 E upright floor scrubber.

What makes the TASKI® swingo® 150 E upright floor scrubber one of the best autoscrubbers?

The TASKI® swingo® 150 E is small, with a scrubbing width of 13 inches, and it is lightweight, perfect for easy, quick cleanup in confined or high-traffic areas.

Built with a low profile, this scrubber can fit in areas under 6 inches like shelves or under bathroom partitions.

Maximizing versatility, this scrubber has a manually adjustable brush for when working with different floor types.
In this article and video, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of the features and benefits that make the TASKI® swingo® 150 E auto scrubber one of the best upright floor scrubbers of 2021.

TASKI® swingo® 150 E Upright Floor Scrubber
Taski swingo150 Upright AutoscrubberProviding the operator with the longest cord length out of all the upright scrubbers on our list, this floor scrubber can reach areas 49 feet away from the wall.

A longer cord will allow the floor scrubber to reach further distances without requiring the operator to stop and move the cord to the nearest outlet.

When an employee does not have to move from outlet to outlet they can shorten cleaning times and increase productivity.

Single Cylindrical Brush
Cylindrical brush floor scrubbers are great for cleaning uneven floors.

The brush sits evenly on the floor to achieve a consistent clean. The brush bristles will reach into grout lines on the floor.

Achieving consistent results on the first cleaning pass will enable workers to quickly clean floors and move onto other tasks.

Adjustable Brush
The height of the brush can be manually adjusted based on the type of floor surface.

Adjustable brushes are important for facilities who have varying floor types or may be dealing with tough stains.

Brush Pressure Indicator Light
The machine has a red indicator light that will let you know if you are using too much pressure on the floor. Too much pressure can damage the machine, shortening the floor scrubber’s life. It can also cause damage to your floor.

Integrated Tank
Designed as one, both the solution and recovery tank are integrated into a unique container.

The integrated tanks reduce the amount of space this upright scrubber takes up.

To reduce equipment downtime, tanks can be easily lifted off the machine and drained or filled through their wide openings.

Quiet Operation
At 69 dBA, the TASKI® swingo® 150 E is the quietest upright floor scrubber that we included on our top-rated upright and micro floor scrubbers of 2021.

It’s low noise level makes it a perfect choice for performing daytime cleaning procedures.

Two Suction Heads
This scrubber is equipped with a suction head on either side of the cylindrical brush. This allows the machine to pick up water in both forward and reverse.

Low Profile
swingo150_stairs_downWith a cleaning clearance of 6 inches, the TASKI® swingo® 150 E is perfect for cleaning under furniture, shelves, and cabinets.

Larger floor scrubbers will struggle to fit into confined spaces. Staff will not have to manually clean these tight areas, reducing worker fatigue and boosting worker productivity.

Designed similarly to conventional upright vacuums, this machine requires limited training and is simple to use.

Parts, like the brush, are extremely easy to access and change. It requires no tools, reducing equipment downtime.

When compared to mop and bucket cleaning, the TASKI® swingo® 150 E machine uses 50{6c5d03bd1bfd42775aa21fe5e82476739dbea6a13aa985a899526d2bfdabc427} less water and chemicals.

Reducing the amount of water and chemicals used will translate into cost savings for your business.

Final Thoughts
With its narrow and low profile design, this machine is great for grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and other businesses who need to quickly and easily clean spills in aisles or under shelves without disturbing occupants. They are also great for small stone entryways, kitchen floors, and bathrooms.

Cleaning and drying in both forward and reverse, areas that have just been cleaned can be opened immediately with a reduced risk of occupant slips & falls.

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Our Equipment Specialists are available to help you decide if this is the best autoscrubber for your needs. Visit our equipment page to learn more or to request a demo.

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